Duncan Folkfest

Hi Alan;

I so enjoyed your show at the Folkfest in Duncan. When we first got to the festival, we were trying on some clothes and while I was changing, I heard this wonderful sound coming from the stage.

Shortly after, you had ended your set and I started asking people "who was that that was just singing?" When I found out that it was you, my sister and I went to see you in "The Chapel" on the grounds and I've got to tell you that it was the best time that I've had in God knows how long! Later on we saw you again at St-Anne's stage and noticed just how many people....both young and old....were just as effected by you as we were.
I said to my sissy "This is like how it must have been when Elvis first came around....look at all of these people..look at those boys over there...they must be around 14 years old and they are so taken with this man....and look at everyone else....the smiles...and the clapping...the foot stomping (your trade mark)...he's fabulous!"

Later on I bought all 4 of your CD's and was lucky enought to get the last "Boogie Man" which you so kindly autographed for me. Thanks so much for a memorable time and I hope to see you again in person sometime.
Be proud of yourself...I sure am proud of you.

Sincerely, Laura Tate

BlueSkies Music Festival

BlueSkies Music Festival
Clarendon, Ontario
by Ken Brown

Alan Gerber


The local culture is that Saturday's closer be always a sizzlin' hot band that make people wanna dance.

Alan Gerber and his band provided well. Drums layin' it out, mountain of a bass player welded to the groove, killer electric guitar, and over it all this Chicago blues piano doin' the strut and jive.

You may remember Alan Gerber from Rhinoceros (yes, that Alan Gerber). Well, he's obviously put in some serious stage time between now and then. From the get go he had the audience in the palm of his hand, and he wouldn't let 'em go until he was good and ready.

Lady J heard the call and swung on down the hill to dance. I started to feel cool, a strange sensation after the heat of the day.
Nope, no jamming for this boy tonight. I heard the last two numbers from bed.


As we're dealing with logistics Alan Gerber takes the stage for a solo set. I catch a few seconds of him grooving on plucked fiddle before I get taken away. Sounds of rocking piano waft over to where we're warming up. Later I will hear that Alan mopped the place up when his two kids came and joined him for a six-handed boogie. I'm glad he's back.


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