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Fools That Try (Independent)

With a variety of woodburners and hoof stompers, this one-man catalogue of talents has homecooked a smorg, from the New Orleans piano of Stay at Home to the folksy portrait of hapless Henry the Hog Farmer.

This is due in part to an impressive profile: stints with Dylan, Lou Reed and Leon Russell have infused the Chicago-born Gerber with a seasoned confidence on a rash of instrument.

The choir Joyful Noise, harmonicist Jame Tyrone Zeller (aka Jim Zeller, perhaps?) join five others for Gerber's hayride.

Gambetta Theatre

To laugh or to cry.

It is Wednesday night and the count of shows at the Gambetta Theatre, to date, would take four hands. All the better to applaud this show. The acid humour known to those who despair and to those who love life, the starry burst of laughter welling deep from within, this complete, sensitive musician, Alan Gerber, transcends his own restlessness and moves us in shades of blues.

Through an intimate evening, this blues man from Chicago (living in Quebec) kept the intensity growing until the audience was at fever pitch. To thank Alan Gerber fot this memorable evening would be acknowlodging only part of the man. A man who has learned that foresight and willpower, love of his art and respect for others are, without a doubt, and expression of deep humanity and the best way to keep oneself intact.

Whether he is playing his instruments (piano, synthesizer, slide guitar, violin, accordion) singing his excellent compositions of wonderful interpretations of well-known standards, Alan Gerber is an imposing artist.

We will wait for this return to Carcassonne when even more people will benefit from these precious moments. We must thank all those who made this possible.

Ottawa Blues fest

Sauntered into your show at the Ottawa Blues fest and was overwhelmed by the warmth of your performance and the positive energy. Thanks and here are a couple of mementos of the show. Danny Murray, freelance journalist.

Main Street Cafe

Dear Alan, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your performance at the Main Street Cafe a few weeks ago. I bought a copy of CHICKEN WALK from you and have just about wore it out playing it over and over. Will you be returning to our neck of the woods any time soon? If you do, I will bring my RHINOCEROS album and perhaps you would autograph it for me? Thanks, Joe Nowland

Alan Gerber at the Resto Blues Bar


Barely back from his three-month tour in France, Alan Gerber came to dazzle the spectators at the Resto Blues Bar in St-Sauveur last Sunday.
Until the early morning, this self-taught musician presented his one-man-show of blues, moving ballads, rock and constant dialogue with the audience. An impressive show where the mastery of so many instruments (piano, synthesizer, slide-guitar, violin, concertina) is almost dizzying.
Residing in Val-David, Alan Gerber hails from Chicago where he made his first appearances.

He has toured North America with such greats as Janis Joplin, B.B King, Jefferson Airplane, Jimi Hendrix, Moody Blues, Chuck Berry, Rod Stewart, Frank Zappa... He was on tour with Bob Dylan's "Rolling Thunder Review" and through the states with Lou Reed.

Alan's hit single "Tied On", produced by André Perry in Montreal, was #1 on the Quebec hit parade. For the past 10 years, he has been producing his "one-man-show" through Canada, the United States and Europe.

Alan accompanies some pieces with taped recordings of himself playing other instruments and Sunday night he played with the brilliant saxophonist, Dan Martel. A very special evening. For those who missed the show, Alan will be back in mid-June.


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