Queen Of Hearts Review in Cashbox

Alan Gerber   
Queen of Hearts 

BMI ROCK Reviewed 10-14-09  Alan Gerber  :: Queen of Hearts  There's never a bad time of year to take a road trip, and "Queen of Hearts" just might be the perfect album to make those miles go by in a flash. A roller coaster of emotional lyrics and flawless musicianship, Alan Gerber's latest release makes me want to hit the road with no particular place to go. 

 "Engagement Song", featuring the supporting vocals of Hannah Gerber, might be the best ballad I have heard in years. If you can listen to this song and not feel something in response, you need to rent yourself a soul. There isn't a weak cut on the disc, as it is clear Gerber took the time to release a top-shelf album that his hordes of fans rightfully deserve. 

Sometimes it is a bit difficult to find the bright side of things. "Queen of Hearts" could be the cure that ails for those who haven't cracked a smile in a while. Pick up your copy today.