Trio of Gerbers

Trio of Gerbers from the new CD, "Gordian Knot", soon to be released.

Photo by Luc Robitaille

Alan Gerber Show!

Hey Tim, Mitch, and the Home Routes gang...we gotta start on a new Museum building in The Pas 'cause last night Alan Gerber TORE IT DOWN!!!  Hoooeee!

This man cooked!!  Basic recipe...start with generous portions of John Hiatt, Taj Mahal and Doctor John.  Next, stir in a tantalizing blend of Leonard Cohen and Tom Waitts.  Now a key ingredient...fold in huge dollops of Otis Spann southside Chicago piano.  Spice it up with a few generous cups of Duane Allman/Ry Cooder bottle-neck guitar on a vintage Fender Stratocaster.  This is sounding mighty tasty, but not finished yet!  Add more flavour with some old-time fiddle - and several big pinches of blues fiddle too!  (Shake - don't stir.)  Finally, make it all rise with some Victor Borge and Harpo Marx!!!

Summer Ending/New Beginnings

Val David PicThis has been a big summer of noteworthy events. There have been some wonderful concerts with my son and daughter, Eli & Hannah, along with David Devine, our fabulous new drummer. I am still working on the finishing touches of the new CD, "Gordian Knot". The mastering and the final graphic artwork of the cover have to be completed along with a business/promotion plan that is also in the works.

Spring/Summer Agenda

I have been in the studio recording my new CD five days a week since October, breaking only for a 25 day Manitoba/Saskatchewan Home Routes tour in February and a month producing a CD for my friend Patrick Le Moal from the south-west of France. The Home Routes tour was filled with wonderful people, cozy venues and an overall uplifting experience. I hope to do it again in the near future. Bravo to to the staff of Home Routes, who made this all possible! I am also quite thrilled with the results of my friend Patrick's CD. My new CD,"The Gordian Knot", has only a couple of minor retouches, the mastering, some graphic design and the manufacturing process to do before it is completed.YEAH!!! It has been a long crazy-making process with a sweet result.

New Projects

     Today is somewhat like being in a perfect snow globe here in the land of Santa Claus Village. I've had some touring this autumn in The Maritimes, Ontario, Kamouraska and North Hatley, QC. Mostly what I've been up to is working on new songs and developing arrangements in the studio with my friend, Richard Belanger, engineer, musician and producer extraordinaire. I am also working in conjunction with my son, Eli and my daughter, Hannah, who, they themselves, are becoming quite accomplished as musicians, singers and composers. It is extremely time consuming and tricky to balance with the necessity of touring. I have applied for a songwriting grant from Canada Council and will have a response by early February, 2013. That's it for now and happy holidays to all. 


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